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Salmon Drift Boat Trips
1-2 anglers $400
3 anglers $600


The Salmon River in September and October gets a phenomenal run of Chinook and Coho Salmon. It offers the best chance for consistent salmon fishing success in the Eastern Lake Ontario basin. A drift boat trip is the best way to see the Salmon River and be able to fish multiple spots, without having to walk through slick rock for miles each day. King salmon average 15-20 lbs and 30 lb salmon being taken from the Salmon River is not uncommon. 

We offer these Salmon River guided drift boat trips for one to three anglers, but are happy to accommodate larger groups of any size upon request. Trips usually run from before sunrise until 12-1pm. We offer fly fishing, spin fishing and plugging trips for Salmon.


Fly Fishing Salmon Drift Boat Trip

The Salmon River is home to one of the greatest opportunities to fly fish for both Coho and King Salmon and is one of the few places in the continental United States to have a chance to catch them. Persuasion Fishing generally uses a 0x-1x tippet to target these fish on fly rods. Targeting King Salmon on the fly is truly an incredible experience that everyone should have the opportunity to do at least once in their lifetime. Salmon River salmon can be very wary, so we target them with natural egg patterns, such as glo-bugs and estaz flies. Occasionally, they can be very aggressive, so we will throw big comets or wolly buggers to entice a strike. We generally will use a 10-11 foot switch rod to target the Kings that run the Salmon River.


Salmon River Plugging Trips

A common misconception on the Salmon River is that King and Coho Salmon will not bite. While it is true that King Salmon and Coho Salmon are not actively eating while on their spawning journey up the Salmon River, they will strike lures such as Mag Lips, Kwikfish and Flatfish. While not as good an option if you prefer to wade and walk around, plug fishing is a great way to get around if you are less mobile and we are able to accommodate those with some disability on these trips. 

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